About Triple Oak Power

Triple Oak is a company with deep roots and tremendous passion for developing wind energy and other carbon-free generation projects. We draw on the shared experiences and unique perspectives of our team to bring value to our project stakeholders. Using a fresh approach to a proven playbook, the Triple Oak team knows how to work with landowners, buyers, investors, and communities. Where others see gaps and risk – we see opportunity and find proven solutions.

Jesse Gronner

CEO and Co-Founder

With nearly 20 years’ experience developing renewable projects, Jesse is uniquely positioned to bring synergistic value to communities, investors, and project owners. After graduating University of Massachusetts in Amherst and going West via some National Parks, Jesse began working in the energy industry as a temp at PacifiCorp Power Marketing. His career then organically grew through successively greater roles at successor companies PPM Energy, Iberdrola and Avangrid Renewables, eventually leading all US development.

Jesse started Triple Oak Power LLC (TOP) to bring depth of experience and an honest business approach, actively participating in the diversification of the grid with appropriately-developed renewable energy resources, and an ultimate goal of sustainability for our shared future.

Jesse is an amateur part-time philosopher who someday hopes to have intelligent answers for when he is asked, but in the meantime enjoys free-time pondering by foot around his home base in Oregon orchard country.


CFO and Co-Founder

Labeja has been thinking outside of the box for 15 years as a means to solve problems in the power and renewables sector. He has project finance, M&A and accounting in his tool-kit and is always looking to “git ‘er done”. Labeja graduated with a first class Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at the University of Lesotho and with an MBA from that University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He also completed the necessary exams and experience and became a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK.

Originally from Uganda, he uses Labeja as his first name in accordance with family tradition. Labeja sees his position at Triple Oak as an opportunity to add his unique voice and background to what is traditionally a monoculture industry. He is excited to promote diversity within the Triple Oak team, which ultimately leads to more robust and inclusive project solutions for stakeholders.

As an avid reader, the philosophical question Labeja is currently asking everyone: “what is your super-power?” and “how will you use it for the betterment of others?”

Ryan Leonard


Ryan has spent the last 18 years working in wholesale electricity markets.  He lived and worked on the East Coast, Midwest and most recently, on the West Coast, in a wide variety of leadership roles. As TOP’s Chief Operating Officer, his deep understanding of energy markets, along with renewable project operations and sales will further TOP’s mission to deliver affordable, reliable clean power throughout the US.

Ryan started working for the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), first as an Accenture consultant, and was then hired on full time just before MISO’s energy market go-live. He subsequently joined Avangrid Renewables where he focused on renewable project Market Structure, Operations, and Sales in various leadership roles throughout the company.

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Operations Management, Ryan earned an MBA from Duke University with a concentration in Energy and Environment.  As an avid golfer and with a love for the outdoors, Ryan uses golf to seek mental clarity and serenity, while a pre-pandemic RV purchase allows his family to explore and connect with the boundless nature of the Pacific Northwest.

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