Our Philosophy

Proven Model, Creative Approach

Wind energy development, a now decades-old practice, requires experience in what has previously led to success, perseverance and patience to match the timing of project opportunities with markets. We leverage our knowledge and relationships to address the inherent complexities, turning ideas into actual wind farms.

Triple Oak 2.0 Updates – All In On Wind

A Discussion with our Executive Leadership Team


Utility-scale wind development projects are complex and involve many important stakeholders. For over 20 years, we’ve worked with landowners and community members, utility companies and large commercial entities, and with development partners and investors. Developing relationships based on trust and mutual understanding leads to successful long-term outcomes.

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At Triple Oak, we take a clean and transparent approach to business on multiple fronts, both in terms of products offered as well as the manner in which we engage and communicate. We understand the risks and benefits throughout the project lifecycle, and are able to mitigate the avoidable pitfalls, and quantify the likely impacts we cannot control.


Diversity is key to sustainability. Throughout the energy grid, we need a diverse source of power drawing on a variety of renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydro. Similarly, within our organization, we thrive because of the diverse experiences and perspectives of our team.
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Why Wind, Why Now?

At Triple Oak Power we are all in on wind because getting to a de-carbonized energy grid is not possible without harnessing the power of wind.  By improving on existing wind sites and leveraging new technologies to develop new wind sites, wind energy can continue to deliver cost-effective, clean and sustainable energy to consumers.