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Partnering with Triple Oak Power

We have three key customer segments, all critical to our business and all equally important to ensure a successful mission. From landowners and communities in which onshore wind projects are constructed, through engagement with power consumers looking for cleaner supply resources, to investors and final project owners, we partner closely with our stakeholders throughout each project phase.

Landowners, many of them operators of family-owned ranches or farms, are increasingly hosting wind energy projects to benefit from an additional income stream which supplements their continued agricultural business. We have worked with Community Partners directly and understand their needs and concerns when considering a wind energy project on their land and in their communities.

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Once the projects are up and running, the energy is purchased by Power Partners. These organizations had historically been utilities (investor-owned or municipalities), but a new class of renewable energy users have emerged: Commercial/Industrial partners. These are large organizations who have set sustainability goals that include a shift towards renewable energy sources. Triple Oak is adept at navigating these contracts and ensuring the right Power Partners are aligned with the right development projects.

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Once the projects are developed and as the revenue streams are secured, Triple Oak turns to our Project Partners – the equipment suppliers, final owners and on-going operators of the projects. Whether at the asset level or the portfolio level, we ensure the transition is smooth and that the project will bring long-term value to the asset owners.

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