Triple Oak Joins Partners for Lidar Training

Triple Oak Power teamed up with industry partners, KB Energy and NRG Systems, for a two-day training to advance our collective understanding of lidar technology, and to share best practices for installation and management to achieve optimal wind data quality.

Lidar is a proven technology used to measure wind speed and profile at heights greater than a typical 60m meteorological “met” tower. These wind measurements add robust data which verify the siting and development of a wind project. The units themselves have a small footprint, and a nearby trailer outfitted with solar panels provides the power supply. After a period of co-location with a met tower, a lidar unit can be installed standalone, providing a mobile means of data collection throughout a project area.

Triple Oak looks to experienced service providers and suppliers like KB Energy and NRG Systems to advance project development. Their expertise is at the core of our trusted partnerships and is vital to the growth of TOP’s wind project pipeline.